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What Certifications Do You Need For It Help Desk

    Brainbench offers a handful of certifications related to technical support, including Technical Helpdesk, Technical Support Helpdesk (Microsoft) Network and Computer Support Certifications, out of a catalogue of over 600 tests. Although the ITIL Foundation Training and Exam Syllabi includes the Service Desk component specifically, the ITIL Foundation Certification as a whole is suited to this sector. A big benefit to this certification is the ability for participants to take in-person training sessions with ITIL experts. Some IT Support and Help Desk Certifications also offer in-person training sessions with a subject matter expert, which allows employee students to study methodologies either in a classroom setting or via a video conference.

    IT support and help desk certifications may teach you to better manage resources available to you, such as customer profiles, workbooks, general problem-solving data, and machines manuals. The best help desk certifications are comprised of diverse courses, which allow your employees to gain good knowledge about providing a better customer experience. If you want college training, but without the time and expense of a 2 or 4 year degree program, consider an IT/helpdesk specialty certification. The marketable skillsets you will be looking for in a help desk tech degree program include PC repair, network administration, operating system deployment and configuration, information security, desktop and mobile device problem solving, and soft skills such as customer service and oral and written communication.

    Our experts created this list of the best IT support, customer support, and help desk courses, certifications, training, and classes that are available online. There are a pretty large number of certification courses that are available online to help prepare candidates for these roles in Support and Customer Service. When it comes to the roles in helpdesk, there are only a few certificates and certification programs focusing mostly on the function of a helpdesk, and the different roles that support them. This IT Help Desk Certification Program is a low-risk, low-cost way for individuals to obtain the skills needed to land a good paying, entry-level IT Support position.

    Udemy offers the IT Help Desk Professional Certification Course, which helps IT employees to boost their careers with learning basic skills. This IT Help Desk Certification course by Udemy helps students to create a path for an IT career by teaching the fundamental skills needed for a successful support career. Googles IT support professional certificate helps you learn skills that are relevant for any entry-level technical position. Google and CompTIA teamed up to help people enter this field by pairing the Google IT Support Professional Certificate with CompTIAs A+ Certification.

    CompTIA Network+ is another vendor-neutral certification covering skills needed in IT support. CompTIA A+ Certification helps IT helpdesk employees to be better technical support technicians, teaching them to install, maintain, and configure PCs, laptops, mobile devices, and printers. The 2-course series is also appropriate for students who are not looking to pass a CompTIA certification exam, but simply want to understand IT and the basics of computers. The Microsoft IT Support Certification helps aspiring IT professionals to learn Microsoft products.

    This broadly-based program helps new IT administrators brush up on previous concepts, as well as learning more about Microsoft edit options. The Microsoft IT Support Certification also explores the factors that affect client behaviors in the IT support experience, including cultural differences across the globe and communications styles, as well as includes an introduction to the core stages of managing cases, from the initial reception of a support ticket to developing solutions and closing them. Similar to HubSpot Setup, this course helps Microsoft users onboard their support tools quickly and reliably.

    The complete training program covers Level-1 basics to become a good help desk technician, including fixing common network problems, administering Microsoft and Linux, and much more. It builds upon the Google Certificate for IT Support Professional, which is also available through the online learning service platform Coursera, and provides skills related to Python, Git, and IT Automation, in order to prepare skills related to Python for various roles within the IT industry, such as the most senior level of IT Support Professional, or junior system administrator positions. The IT Support Professional Certificate Program was developed by Google, as part of its Growing With Google initiative, which draws upon Googles history and mission to create products, platforms, and services that help people and businesses grow.

    Apple Certifications are becoming more and more widespread, with Apple continuing to demonstrate quality customer support through training internal support professionals who assist their organizations with the maintenance of Apple computers. With this certification, IT help desk technicians are capable of providing Macbook, MacBook Pro, and Mobile Product support in the technological infrastructure of Apple. They reinforce core concepts from HDIs Certification Standard, as well as providing skills-building opportunities for support desk and help desk professionals.

    From Level 1 through the most advanced levels for support desks and help desk technicians, even for support desk managers and directors, HDIs service desk training reaches its culmination in industry-recognized certifications that reflect the levels of knowledge required for particular roles. This certification explains every best practice thoroughly, and provides exercises to help support personnel learn the ITIL methodology. The ITIL Foundation Certification provides students with the core concepts and various roles required for helpdesks, such as how to interact with customers, common problem solving issues, and software navigating programs. For instance, if your job revolves around IT security, certifications like CompTIA Security+ or the Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) could verify your experience and show that you possess the necessary cybersecurity skills to perform high-level technical support.

    Or, if cloud is your field of expertise, certifications such as CompTIA Cloud+ or AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner can verify the skills needed for advanced technical support related to cloud platforms. For instance, if your customers are running complex cloud environments, they may want to see at least one technician that has passed an official certification from that cloud service provider. Information Technology Support Certifications can be an excellent entry point into an IT career, and they can help you prosper in a variety of different IT jobs.

    LinkedIn learning is another excellent platform for job seekers looking to get into tech support and customer service, or anyone looking to boost their general tech skills.

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